Swaying images.

Ho, ho, ho!

I wasn’t going to blog but I’m just really kind of high right now.

Came back at 3, super angsty, sat on the floor all the way till 11 (now). 8 hours! That’s more that the number of hours I sleep. This is what technology does to me. Have yet to file amath. Not to mention Chinese homework x2.

Can’t be bothered to give a fuck.

Watched crucible, a little. It’s really not interesting enough to make me want to finish watching it so I stopped at 1:06. Okay that’s half an hour. Lol. The judge is balding so gross. Lol, gross. Haven’t said that word in quite a while.

Got Lost In Stereo and Almost Lover stuck in my head, along with the song which name I have yet to figure out. Man.

Okay my shoulders hurt that’s all for today. Goodness I sound like a teacher. Just spent forever typing crap on yahoo answers. I have no life. Typed paragraphs of shit.

Okay bye my life suck.

Happy, uh, leap year. Lol.

I just realized how retarded this entire post sounds.


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