It lies between dawn and dusk.

Welcome on board London Underground.

Okay whatever.

Hi. It’s Sunday afternoon. Woke up 2 hours ago and so far I have …

1. Drank 2 cups of tea

2. Had a late brunch

3. Whatsapped a puppy

4. Scrolled up and down my twitter TL

5. Read exactly 2 pages of my geog textbook.

6. Listened to “About A Girl” and got super sad.

Six things done in two hours. I suppose this is rather acceptable.

I was gonna come up with an awesome metaphor but uh, forget about it.

And another thing. Seems like my previous post was rather vague in terms of target audience so let’s just get this straight. I wouldn’t be so dumb as to blogbitch about someone that reads my blog, okay? For example, I do not expect my parents to ever find out about my blog. I think this is a good enough example to save me from giving another example. So there. I felt so bad okay. So bad. And I was just like fucking hell should have inserted the name. It’s just that I never thought that you would think that I’d ever blogbitch about you. I’ll take note of that next time.

It’s 1508 and this means I was supposed to start on lit 8 minutes ago. Mind some crucible spam?


Abigail – slut, orphan, maid, fucking smart bitch but not smart enough

John – asshole, horny shit, hot farmer

Elizabeth – lousy sick wife

Parris – hypocrite (hey this sounds like all of us), overall retard

Mary – dumbass

Mercy – Fat bitch

Hale – All hail Hale

Thomas – the train, richass landlord, eldest son but no one gives a shit, relative of Lemon Bayley

Ann – annoying pussy

Betty – poor kid that saw Mercy(see above) naked, fail bird

Ruth – poor kid that got smacked

Rebecca – wise logical woman

Giles – funny old man, I like

This is all I can remember.

Maybe I should start studying. Okay.

These lines so well rehearsed, tongue-tied and overloaded, you never noticed


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