California roll.

Wassup. It’s Saturday! Woke up at 10 to meet Mrs Chan and did absolutely nothing after that. Yay!

Went out for lunch at Swiss Butchery and to transfer money for @stephhhteo why am I such a kind soul I have no idea. Anyway, I am so broke. S$50 left in the account. Yeap. Joy to the world.

Came back and had sex.  Have yet to get shit done. I don’t even feel like it’s commons. So gonna do well and not embarrass myself, uhhuh. 🙂 

Okay I’m gonna start on my dex post. 🙂 I feel so intellectual haha neurons are you ready to link up with one another? 🙂

Fuck haha I’m so screwing bio up. So much for “bio is so easy!” and “it’s my best science!”.




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