Hello! I shall blog before I don’t have time to.

Sleep cycle screwed. Went out on Friday night and came back at 6/7. Watched Descendants. No climax. Bumped into SY. She’s really not tall and kind of ugly. The friends are kind of hot though. I think it was quite obvious that I was looking at her cause I wanted to see her face, then they kept staring at me. Oops. Anyway, hung around. LAN. So stiff and lousy now.

Missed church cause I overslept. 😦 Instant noodles and more instant noodles for the meals. Slacked and did things that I shan’t disclose publicly. 😉 So much for mugging over the weekend. Barely finished my homework.

Can’t wait for the weekend. Missed the bro’s birthday. Oops.

I thank God for people like you. Really. :’)

Thank you. Fuck you. Thank you.


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