For dexamethorphan(drug): refer to dextromethorphan.

What up dicks and pussies. It’s the first day of school. Why does this sound so primary-school-ly.

On the first day of school, I met a lot of new friends in my class. They are all very friendly and nice. I can’t wait to start learning with them already! I’m sure my learning journey in Methodist Girls’ School will be an extremely pleasant and exciting one with the company of such enjoyable peers.

Okay, fuck that.

First day of school. Came late. Had no table and chair because someone shamelessly planted her ass on the seat that was saved for me. So I had to sit on the floor until kind souls like BJ and Joyce and Jui and all managed to find tables and chairs. :’) So I was this extra person jutting out of the column.

That was the exact seating plan. I can’t believe I just did that.

Is it just me or do you guys see flickering stuff in the picture too?

So anyway, you can see that I was being extra and .. I don’t know. Somehow I managed to move to the back cause Gladi and all are too tall so they had to move to the back and I asked Shelby to move over to behind Gladi with me. This marks the end of ‘concentrate in class’.

Magsim blabbered on and on and on. It was actually quite amusing. Awesome free time when we tried to study physics but failed so miserably. Spent recess queueing up for lockers. Some people just don’t know how to shut the fuck up. Embarrassing much. My ears nearly died.

Level briefing. It was so long my ass was hurting. ROCs meeting. It’s great to see the people again. I feel like I haven’t seen them for a million years. There were some lame ‘inspirational’ movie about some woman trying to get pregnant …?

Subway. Bought stuff for the board. Sat at the trellis and waited for Kim for half an hour when all along she was at the canteen. We were so close yet so far. Anyway we managed to get most(?) shit done.

Tuition. I think he spent more time reading my progress report than I did. And his reaction was so vigorous it was amusing. I didn’t think he’d be that interested. He probably thought I was some smartass and got seriously shocked by my unsightly progress report. And he said I scored very badly for Chinese I don’t know if it was meant to be sarcastic but he didn’t sound like it. So you expected me to get like … 90%? Don’t be the next laoshi, please. And the SJI guy so fucking smart, like what the fuck.

Differentiation was so bloody fucking hard can I drop out of school please?

It’s a long day. Tomorrow’s gonna be an even longer day. I’m actually kind of excited for CCA showcase but .. Chemistry retest. I’ve been studying for Chemistry for like, 3 days straight. I feel like a chemist already. Test me, man. Imma sodium chloride you. Or do you prefer ammonium sulphate or whatever the fuck it was.

Are you intimidated? 😉


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