Waddup peeps.

It’s 1.25am and I’m drinking this coolass shit.

I haven’t seen it in Singapore before, so I’m not sure if we actually can get it back there. But I’m pretty sure it’s not sold commonly at places like fairprice. Maybe high-class supermarkets, I don’t know.

Anyway, I bought it cause it’s pink! It was just like calling out to me from the supermarket shelf and I was just like ‘Fuck, I need to get that. Who gives a shit what it is!

It tastes like … red bull but more gassy, and less sweet. It says ‘Taurine, Ginseng and B Vitamins’. Heaven knows what taurine is.

Okay. So uh, taurine is an organic acid that is a major constituent of bile. It is ‘needed for proper maintenance and functioning of skeletal muscles‘ and shown to be ‘effective in removing fatty liver deposits in rats, preventing liver disease, and reducing cirrhosis in tested animals’. There is evidence that taurine is ‘beneficial for adult human blood pressure and possibly, the alleviation of other cardiovascular ailments.’ However, taurine ‘has not been shown to be beneficial in human nutrition.’

That was wikipedia.

Okay, digressed.

So, basically it just tastes like a nicer version of red bull, and healthier! I think.

Sorry, bad photo. It’s not easy taking picture of words on a cylindrical surface with lousy photographic skills like mine. đŸ˜¦

43.8 kJ is roughly 10.46 kcal, which they rounded up to 10 kcal on the can. Mm.

’10c refund at collection depots when sold in South Australia.’ What.

I feel like I’m advertising. HAHAHA. Sorry, I am really just so in love with the fucking pink can.

By the way, bought it for MYR9.90. Or was it 9.99? Yeah. That’s about SGD4.00? Not a cheap drink, definitely. 250ml. But it’s so pretty I’m gonna die.


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