Winter Wonderland.

Hello. It’s almost 3 already! So much for ‘sleeping early’. Oh well.

Listening to my Christmas playlist. 🙂 Not all perfect, but good enough. 🙂 Wish I had the Santa Cause though. :/

How I love ATL. ❤

Christmas eve was … I don't know. Woke up at 12plus. Ate. Watched Mighty Joe Young with mum and bro. So amazing. Oh and the girl in the show, what’s her name, Ruth? She wasn’t wearing bra probably because she lives in the .. what, mountains? But she has nice boobs, so yeah. It was quite cute, I mean the movie. Mum made me go get ready to go out and ended up making me watch some Hokkien singing shit with her for 2 hours. Good job. Went out super late. Starving. Bought my school shoes. Lame dinner. More shopping. Slippers. Forever 21. I can’t believe I actually managed to get more clothes that suit me there than Topshop. And honestly I think the quality of F21 here is better than Singapore’s, somehow. I don’t know. Went back, packed my stuff. Why do I feel like I have very little stuff? You’re not interested, okay.

I’m hungry. It’s Christmas. Where’s my present, sigh. 😦

This sucks.

Happy not-really-birthday birthday, Jesus! 🙂


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