What kind of fucking insane shit conversation are we having on twitter man. Fucking hilarious haha okay I am really not jealous at all. No sarcasm intended.

I would have posted screenshots but the conversation is fucking long. Probably because it branched into several topics that make no sense at all, really.

I’m dying.

Anyway, HELLO! 🙂 Didn’t even step out of the house today. I slept at fucking 6! Hahaha I cannot get over the Pete Wentz lookalike. I shall post a photo of him. I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t think the photo really brings out his petewentzness but I really got a shock when I first saw him okay! Oh and he showed me his green eyes they are so green! Pretty! And he said no one told him that he looks like Pete. People told him he looked like Robert Patt haha but I think Pete is hotter. I mean, obviously Pete is hotter. Like duhh.

Pete Wentz lookalike!

Oh and I met a brazilian lesbian online. I thought she was boring but when she told me she was dating a girl I was like :O wow you cool shit. Anyway she was actually kind of funny even though she has a boring face. She showed me her coolass tattoo. Tambourine and Brazil flag. Cool stuff.

The picture she sent me! Nice arms.

Anyway, woke up at 12.30 okay tmi I know you’re not interested. Blahblah. Couldn’t stop watching TV and never got shit done. When I finally managed to get my ass upstairs I started stalking random people, so yeah. Early dinner. Insurance guy came so I escaped and hid in my room. Then when I was showering my mum asked me to go down to sign some shit. So embarrassing. Had to show him my I/C ultimate embarrassment of my life. Mum kept making me go up and down and she made me come all the way down to ask for my height hello you could have just asked like how you fucking shouted. Braless, tight tee, FBTs. So decent.

TV, TV, TV. I don’t know why I spend so much time watching TV. Still listening to The Script. I don’t remember what I wanted to really blog about, so yeah.



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