Watched White Vengeance. I was so reluctant to watch it. Practically got dragged into the cinema. It was a long movie. It was violent, gory. But I never thought I would have something to take away from it.

On our way back, Dad said that our ancestors always fight. All they did was fighting and the best would stay. They kept doing that, eliminating those that weren’t good enough. And he said that’s why Chinese are intelligent people, because since the time of our ancestors we have been competitive, always fighting and always thinking of how to become the best and hence we should be proud of being a Chinese. Well, that’s what he said. Oh and he said some Chinese aren’t smart because their ancestors were farming when the others were fighting, too cowardly. I rolled my eyes when I heard that, but it probably makes sense.

Humans have been fighting since forever. Forever. It’s sort of, a way of life, isn’t it? I don’t see what else is there to do if there’s no competition. Not that I’m pro-war, but there always seems to be people that question the way the world works. They don’t like how it is always competitive, how people are being compared to one another. Animals fight for territory, food. Plants fight for sunlight, water. We fight, for reasons unidentified. Maybe for betterment in life, maybe to prevent ourselves from being defeated by those fighting. All the living things in the world fight to survive. Competition is inevitable, intense or not, we stand strong or we fall. It’s as simple as that, and it is precisely why some people fail in life. It’s nothing near easy.


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