Look who made the worst mistake.

Hi. So I have decided to finally post a mouldy bread post.

Today. Woke up with intense stomachache. Got dragged out for brunch. Stomachache. Family decided to go watch a movie, and I thought it was a joke. It wasn’t. Great. Walked around like some half-dead piece of shit. Totally not embarrassing at all. Mum kept throwing tantrums. Goodness. It’s the time of the month, I know, but I’m fucking innocent okay. Everyone kena-ed, today. Dad, bro, me. I don’t even know what the fuck to say but fuck you. Got me so pissed off. Anyway. Watched White Vengeance. NC18 but hello the guy didn’t even check the ticket. There were barely 15 people in the cinema. Maybe 12. Had the whole double seat to myself. It was so gross. So much violence and gore. I wanted to die. There weren’t toilet rolls in the toilet. Yay. Fucking disgusting shit. Fam spent forever in M&S I got bored to death. Dinner at random Chinese place. The waitress looks like my junior from primary school I swear it’s her. But she should be 14. That’s just … I don’t know. Anyway there were another kid, like 12-year-old boy working there. Child labour. The service was negative infinity. Then when we were leaving the girl that greeted us I fucking swear she was from 6P. Or was it U. Anyway, I don’t know what is up with the whole restaurant. Even the waitress serving us kept staring at me I suspect she was from my school but I probably don’t know her. What is this. CH gang?

I’m still in a horrible mood.


Savor your daily moudly bread.


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