Aaron Tan “Wantyouonly”, Prease.

Hello. This is a little late but yes, I’m gonna talk about this guy.

Aaron Tan's Facebook

So this 18-year-old guy, extremely creative, claimed that he was inspired by Steven Lim, yeah that @casinowildhog, to make this video. The video is 10.5 minutes long, containing approximately 9 minutes worth of profanities as Aaron had skillfully and fluently conveyed his message in such a way that it represents a perfect combination of the English Language, Mandarin, Hokkien dialect as well as self-invented phrases such as “fuckermother”, as mrbrown has pointed out. You are not expected to be able to fully comprehend the video. However, if, unfortunately, you have no problem understanding him, well, be ashamed of yourself. I am personally guilty of that.

“You are my sweetie mummy I’m your sweetie son”
“她cute是因为她跟我在一起!” (She’s cute because she’s with me), wow egoism.
“Kiss my ass prease, don’t make me laugh like … crazy people.”
6:06 : “Don’t pee hor” He meant peep.
“Grow up with a matured mind first”. Speak for yourself.

So basically he was “threatening” Ryanzxc Gobangwall’ that if he, Ryan ‘Gobangthewall’ (as Aaron had called him), doesn’t apologize to him on facebook, Aaron will ‘kill’ him. Wow.

According to Alvinology, this is Nina Wantyouonly‘s side of the story. Yes, this is the 16-year-old girl that wants Aaron and Ryan only.

This is how’s it goes. Me and Aaron had been together for 7months9days. The reason we had broke up is because of his attitude, his threatening, his childishness, his back stabbing, trust issues and he jus too over controlling. The best part is his parent disagree our relationship and (even more worse thing ps I can’t say due to personal) But in other hand I know actually a part of me can’t let go so I give him alot of chances to let change him change himself for the better but he didn’t. I tried my best to hold on but sorry I did my best because until now Aaron still wanna lie to me and do stuff behind my back which I really hate it. Plus our breaks up had alr cause trouble for both side of parent. So In order to make him heart die for me I put a fake relationship with Ryan which he also agree. But things get worst, Aaron post things at facebook saying bad thing about Ryan and even videos threatening him?! Then kanna stomp and even in the newspaper. After that, Ryan , Ryan sister and Aaron have a conversation on the phone. What is the conversation I not sure. That’s why Ryan and Aaron are in a relationship. And that’s it for Ryan and Me. But as for me and Aaron we alr officially SINGLE. So please stop saying he is my boyf. As for Ryan I wanna say sorry for the trouble cause and thanks for the help And that’s it. If got anymore question, comment I will answer your doubts :3

These people are especially particular about being specific. “7months9days”. Personal opinion.

I went to Aaron Tan’s facebook wall and found this:

On Aaron's wall ...

So Nina has more than 1 account. Well, that’s pretty normal. But it’s locked.

Learn some good things.

Too bad.

Aaron Tan was already stomped on 12 Dec.


Mean people.

More mean people.


I wonder who.

So sweet.

Diabetic yet?

Have more.




9:47 – “Use your mind first, before you do anything.” Same to you.

However, as a girl, I’d like to say that, as stupid as people thinks Aaron is being, I actually find the fact that he cares about Nina so much kind of cute. It would be cuter if he could speak better though.

By the way, now she’s famous too.

"Too many friend requests"


Aaron Tan: Episode 2. 


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