Walk this world alone.

What does the world do to us? Is education for the better, or for the worse?

I know I’ve been asking too many questions. I do.

Was watching my 10-year-old cousin play some Barbie game. It’s one of those games where you have to collect ‘gems’ by walking over them. When she first started playing it, she was just heading towards the destination, and didn’t really care about the ‘gems’, at all. She didn’t care if she walked past one entire row of them, she didn’t. After a couple of games she started to get the hang of it, and she actually went back to collect even a single missed out ‘gem’. As a spectator, I couldn’t help but to notice how it resembles us in life. When the world was new to us, we didn’t care much about those ‘bonus points’, we were looking at the final destination. We look further than we can see, we run after our dreams. Yet, slowly, when you start to settle down into the world, every little thing becomes so much more important. Greed, it eats us from the inside out. We go after perfection, aside from our ‘dreams’. Nothing should be missed. Anything could possibly make a huge difference. It’s best to have everything, just in case. We care about the smallest things. A pop quiz, a class test, a daily assignment. Everything matters, that’s what we’ve been taught. Watch your steps, grab everything, make sure there is nothing to regret. Well, of course it is great that you take the little things in life seriously, but would it be a little too much to be so … so greedy? Yes, I’m talking about ‘kiasuness’. No offence, no shit. Sometimes it makes life easier, to learn to let go, to let the little things go. Give yourself some breathing space, it doesn’t cost that much.

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