ROCs 3: 18/11/11 10:19 a.m.

In the plane. Gonna fly back to sunny Singapore. In a couple of hours’ time we’ll be back! I’m kind of excited to go back. Not that I don’t like India, but I guess I’ve been here long enough for now. I need my dose of homey feeling and 3G, life of a city teenager. And I need normal food. Had diarrhea too many times over the past week. My digestive system is crying. I think I’m gonna miss India. Beautiful place indeed. Shouldn’t have judged it before actually coming. I was just so reluctant to come on this trip like 9 days ago. Amazing how my perception of this country changed so tremendously over just such a short period of time. I need to come back to this country, maybe soon, maybe not. But I will. Too beautiful a country. Lovely people with a lovely culture. I can’t wait for my next trip here.


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