ROCs 3: 15/11/11 1:29 a.m.

Boo. Got scolded by Mrs Ong for going to Jo’s room. The night was so perfect until that happened. 😦 We had awesome Chinese dinner and present from Uncle Karmal and Auntie Agnes and dinner was fun and stuff. Then Charmaine needed the key so that she could go up and shower and we totally forgot about the moving in pairs thing. Anyway I gave her the key and we talked until someone decided that we should go up. I went to Nat and Kim’s room and watched tv and suddenly it went off. Charmaine did come to pass me the key but surprisingly she didn’t know i was in the room. Proceeded to Jo’s room and we were just having fun until we heard Auntie Agnes’ voice and door-knocking noises. No one opened the door and I thought it was probably my room so I opened the door to find Mrs Ong staring at me. Gg. Got scolded. Yeap. Gg.


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