ROCs 3: 12/11/11 3:59 p.m.

Just left Mount Carmel (Dwarka). Absolutely in love with the people. They welcomed us and performed for us. Dance. Songs. Puppet show. We were supposed to carry on with the crafts in respective classes but ended up our class was a senior class. They’re mostly 15 and some are 16 and even 17. And we had to teach them how to make photo frames and like make them colour some really lame picture to put in their frames. It was awkward for us at first but they weren’t even complaining! They were so nice and cooperative. Gave out all the stuff and most of them are really really nice with the exception of a few pretty hostile ones. They are really so so nice. Carried on to balloon sculpture. They were so good! We didn’t even give any instructions and they made so many cool stuff. Everyone had so much fun. And that’s when you really see how some people preferred finishing up their coloring. Different personality, yet all absolutely lovely. Photos photos and more photos. So sad that we had to leave.

Lunch was wonderful. Best meal yet. The people were so hospitable that I felt so welcomed. India truly is a wonderful place. I wouldn’t mind living here and it would certainly be a perfect place if only it was a little bit cleaner. Absolutely perfect. All these wonderful people. I would really like to have a long term immersion here. If only I could. 😦


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