This time I’ve gotta live without you.


Ponned Chinese. Got fucking cockroach again. In front of me. Why always so near. Bravely killed it but too disgusted to dispose of it. Covered it with paper. Cabbed cause I was too scared that I’d be late for Chem. Bumped into Shannon who also ponned Chinese. Tsktsk. Chem. Bitch much. Ugh. Recess. Stupid pimples ball keep stealing my person. Ugh. More chem. BTP. Subway. Finally seeing Chris. Finally. Talk. I don’t know. Sushi. Child abuse. I shall post photos. Had to go back because I left my file in school ugh. Carried my dumb box like a retard. Too tired to walk down the hill so I decided to take a cab. Oh and it was drizzling. Spent one whole hour attempting to call a cab. Was doing physics report. Finished my report and still couldn’t get a cab. What the fuck. Gave up. Walked down and got a cab at the traffic light. Lol okay. The cab driver so bloody cute keep going wrong way. Then he was like “I give you less” “I restart meter” haha okay. And he was telling me all about what leaden/leeden(?) and linden and how I should have told him it’s Dunearn instead because he went to Holland and shit. Then he was like “Never mind I give you less”. Then when we reached it was only 5.60 and he was still like usually you take how much. I wanted to say 6+ but uh. So I was thinking of a reasonable amount and he was like “don’t be scared” HAHAHA so I was like “4+?” then he charged me 4. 🙂 Hehe. I like this cab driver so fucking nice hahahah. Made my day. Came back. Fab offered to buy me stuff aww. Painted my nails. Fab came back. Talked for hours straight. Didn’t pack my stuff :/ Dinner. Talked more. And she asked me “why you suddenly so close to James” lol. “Are you all just friends?” HAHAHAHAHA OKAY. So hilarious. Then I was like “what do you think we are?”. “Beyond friends?” HAHAHAHAH OKAY. So funny can. Talk talk talk talk so much. Shall start packing soon. :/

Maid calling employer, or something. Girl crying. Missed the part when she was dragging her. The maid speaks perfect english.

So hard to paint my nails with shit nail polish sigh.

Chris better not not be able to make it on Sunday.

50% off Topshop voucher hehe.

I need my supply yo friend.


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