Shake your pom pom.

Hi. Shake your pom pom.

Blogging from C321. I feel like I haven’t blogged for ages. I don’t know.

Today was yawn. Only 2 minutes late for Chinese. What an accomplishment. Oh wait let me digress and talk about yesterday. Went back and was using com on the bed and slept and then when I woke up I felt something under the blanket so I went to grab it and it as like some small … solid thing. So I thought it was some ear stud or something and I wanted to grab it. But somehow it was so hard to grab it and it kept falling off. And when I finally managed to grab it it dropped out. And it was fucking brown. And it fucking moves. It’s a motherfucking bug. I literally freaked out. And the fucking bug was crawling so damn fast I couldn’t even think of what to do. Ended up using my iPod to flick it away and it ended up in the gorge between two beds. Fucking gross I swear. And it looked dead. And that wasn’t it. When I was gonna sleep there was this fucking cockroach on the floor. Screamed my damn lungs out when I saw brown shadow on the floor after removing my contacts. Screamed and shout and shit. When I finally managed to convince myself that it’s gone somewhere else and I should just go to sleep, I heard sounds. Plastic bags. It’s in the pile of plastic bags. It was so loud, crisp. I just couldn’t sleep. And then it stopped. And fuck. BOOM. It’s in front of me. On the wall behind me. On the hot pink paper. I screeched and ran out of my bed. Tung screamed. Petrified. So fucking scarred. It looked injured. It wasn’t crawling fast and shit. So unstable. Kept falling. My throat was hurting so bad from all the screaming. Tung the hero finally managed to kill it. But it was on my floor. Tried to call the whole world to get someone that is willing to come and help me to get rid of the corpse because I simply couldn’t stand the sight of it, let alone clean it. Fab_shifu finally finally came and removed it. Phew. And I could finally sleep, though still not in peace. Living in constant fear. Fuck. Oh and back to today uh after Chinese there was bio, which I spent on attempting to complete amath. Recess. Amath. Chem. Awesomely awesome maggie spent half an hour lecturing us on how Sec4 is going to very extremely stressful and how we must make full use of the December holidays to study. Okay. Ironic how the one that always preaches about time management never manages her time with us well. Came back. Packed shit. My room is a disaster. Dinner. Macs. Tried to watch Return to Never Land. Ended up doing shit. Mm.

Kay I am so tired I wanna die.

Kill me.


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