Not in love.

Hi. On the floor. Bored.

Today was … I don’t know what happened. Woke up at 1+. Got ready for church. Too late for cell too early for service. Library. Read on nicotine and caffeine. Interesting. I don’t think I read anything I didn’t already know? Service was okay. Coolass Japanese pastor with American accent and Israel passport and Jewish wife. Cool. Identity. Dinner at koufu. Okay. KAP. So dao. Came back. Too lazy to move. Was looking through my phone photos. Eww. Sudden realization. Why was I so … blur. Spent like 5 minutes eww-ing. Sleeping bag on the floor, MacBook Pro. Internet. Best shit in life. The room all to myself cause of LTC. I love LTC. Stoning. Too awake for shit. What am I gonna do. The pig is sleeping here.

Okay I’m kinda just like super bored and … I don’t know.

Whatever the fuck.



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