Never too late.

Hi. My eyes are hurting.

Today is a shitty shit day. Got back papers. Emath. It was shit. Lowest in class. Gg. One digit less than the rest of the class. Good job, Cristina. Amath. Better but still shitty. Recess. Being retarded in class with Gladi. Breaking school rules and shit. English. Eww. It wasn’t that bad. The teachers were quite amusing. Chuah sucks cock. Geog. Crap. Gladi is a mermaid and Charmaine can go and jump into a river like Harriet. Sorry. 42.5 and 42. I just cannot take it. Physics. Failed. Even double science people got so much so much so so much better than me. And they think we’re so smart. Uhhuh. And the girl next to me got like triple my marks. Very well. And Mr Heng so mean. And Or didn’t wanna let me go up from E8 to D7. Just one mark 😦 Oh wellies. Fucking pissed and came back. Dad just had to rub it in. Mum just had to make it worse. At least Dad’s was 5 minutes, but that’s kinda long for him already. Mum went on and on for half a fucking hour. So you think I wanna fail? Then I got so pissed I started __, and then boom someone came in to ask for blanco. Genius. I thought I locked the damn door. Nearly burnt my fingers. She probably saw. Oh god. And diffusion. Oh god. Anyway mum finally hung up and Ken finally called. Thanks man for getting me into trouble. Showered. Lunched. Tuition. Yuck I kept stepping on water. Blahblah tuition. How amusing. Blah. Subway. Blah whatever.

So my physics sucks so bad that I’m going back for tuition tomorrow. Yes, my life suck like that.

I miss you 😦

Damn, you’re so annoying.

I don’t know if I’m going too far.


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