Alabaster jar.

Hi. Rawr.

Woke up at 9 and refused to get up until 11.40. English. Lalala. Showered. Church. Awkward max cause I was half an hour early. Had no one’s number besides Nicole and Bev and Carmel. But Carmel never comes with us. Judith 😦 Okay so texted Nicole and she’s not with them 😦 But she kept me unawk texting on the phone at least 🙂 Awk-ed around plaza-used-to-be with all the adults there and random youths standing around and kids there. Then I was just being awkward, alone. Why am I perpetually awkward. I just have this fear of being alone, especially places that I actually go often cause it’s awkward. Walked up and down and tried to act to be very extremely occupied with my phone. Waited and waited and finally I see my dear Judith and Michelle. Yay. Went in. Blahblah. So today’s supposed to be a specs day but no I didn’t get the message. Suck, whatever. Worship. The new(?) guitar guy so cute, so distracting. But then later I realized he walks funny. Okay. Okay so wrong. Blah. Unsee that. Sermon. Perspective stuff. Mary spent, in contemporary context, S$35,000 on a pot(?) of perfume and ‘smashed it at Jesus’ feet’ and washed his feet with her hair. Okay. And Judas criticized. Aiya you horrible man. Blahblah. Was half listening. Then sermon ended at 7.20 lol okay. Damn long alter call and stuff and it ended at 7.45. Yay. Dinner. Now I know what 38 is. Lol. Chicken rice. Was being annoying. Whatever. Heh. Walked to mrt. Cab driver jerking off at the side of the road with lights on. (Y). Crazy walk to the mrt. Screamed for about two million times so fucking loudly and there were people behind us. Oops. Got pushed out, literally, at Buona Vista. Took circle line back to Botanics. Bus. Loitered around for more than half an hour because I didn’t wanna go back and also other ahhem reasons. Major headache. Was literally pulling my hair out. Came back. Rested. Headache gone. Fooled around. Blah. So my iPhone has ‘motherboard problems’ and they’re gonna charge me $260 for that. Lol okay why don’t you go fuck yourself. I might as well get a new one. And I wanna convert my colour haha. 🙂

Okay nothing cool.

I wonder how am I gonna live without you. I think I’m gonna die during ROCs, with several contributing factors such as you, you, and the disgusting environment. Die. And no, the two ‘you’s are two different yous. 🙂

Falling, falling.


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