Spend my night with you.

Hi. Why am I such a fucked up. I should probably private this post. Or maybe make two separate posts. Okay the latter sounds great.

Hi. Woke up at 7+ and thought I had time to sleep for a teeny little while more, since stomach was kinda hurting anyway. So I went back to sleep. And woke up at 11.45. GREAT. Missed the entire DC since it was supposed to end at 12. Leaped out of bed and realized there wasn’t anything I could do. Went back to bed cause stomach was killing me. It just got worse so I was just lying in bed texting in excruciating pain. It hurt like a bitch. I don’t even know what I did. Finally got up after half an hour of whining and cursing, made myself a feast and sat back on bed. Tumblring while eating. Awesome shizoszxc. Life is perfect yo. Text text text. Lurking around omegle video and I was talking to some american dude that was actually normal and wasn’t there to show his dick. Opened another window and was refusing to show my boobs to all the horny idiots out there. It was rather amusing. To have people begging. Hah. Okay I’m a bitch, whatever. Hah. Then I met this hotass french dude with his chest showing. Oh so fucking hot. Then he smiled. I almost died. So motherfucking cute. Then he started blahblahblah-ing I was like fuck so wasted why you so horny. In the end he didn’t even ask me to do anything and he started putting on a show. Hottest shit ever. Cannot take it. His smile is so fucking cute I felt like raping him. So cute, I swear. So. Fucking. Cute. Oh god. Then I kept squealing cause he kept giving this shy smile and I was just like melting away. Too bad he so dumb. I wasn’t even doing anything at all besides smiling at the cam. He couldn’t even see my face cause I was only showing my mouth and my body, which was fully clothed, of course. But he is so so so so cute. And he has fucking hot abs. Fucking hot body and fucking cute face. Can you imagine. I feel like fainting even thinking about it. Cordi said I strike jackpot. I think so too. Ah. Okay. Stop. Blahblah got bored of omegle, got off and was doing shit. Oh skyped cordi. Goodness I was talking to her for the whole entire day, lol. I don’t know. She’s so funny. Owl. Blahblahblah I don’t remember what I did. Didn’t even tumblr much cause it only brings back fucking sad memories. Thanks for ruining my hobby. Ate. Slacked, I don’t know. Probably packing my stuff and texting and googling on iPhone and bb. Probably just getting an old iPhone and fuck siri. Siri probably wouldn’t even be able to understand singlish/my accent. And fuck whatever airplay mirroring. Gonna try bringing it to simlim tomorrow first though. :/ I doubt they can fix it but oh well, no harm trying, I guess. Since apple would charge me for a phone call advise. Lame much. But then again if they don’t their phone line would probably explode.

Okay what a long post. I need to go to my next post and talk about the weirdest shit I’ve ever done in details. I can’t believe I did it. I’m so nice. Sacrificed one whole freaking hour of sleep to entertain him. I’m amazed. Okay okay next post haha too bad you can’t read I bet you are fucking intrigued. Okay bye. ❤


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