So into you.

Hello! Hehe I am very happy now I don’t even know why! 😀

The day was fine. Woke up at 12.30. Lied in bed and slacked for another two hours. Heh yepp I’m a pig like that. Had ma subway on the bed. Tumblred a bit but I’m kinda losing interest. Blahblah wasted my life away. Then I finally decided to shower so that I could go out and fix my phone. He is so amusing. Anyway so yepp showered and dressed myself up to go out. Angela didn’t let me leave my apples there till I come back. Darned. Had to walk up and come down again. Anyway I had to get my belt cause my jeans were sliding off half way down my ass.

Waited for a million years for a bus to come. People kept staring at me. Scary. I don’t even think I looked that weird, even though I noticed I was exceptionally fugly today, and that’s quite bad. Anyway yeap managed to get down at the right stop and went to the right bus stop to change bus. Waited for 30 fucking minutes for 960 and it was so fucking packed I was stuck at the steps. The angmoh kid’s face was like 10cm away from mine. He looked petrified and decided to get down the next stop. Good for me cause I could move up. Anyway I was stuck behind this smelly yucky short cjc guy with oily hair. He was carrying this fucking humongous converse schoolbag that looked like what P3 kids would carry. And he was 16, mind you. Why would a 16 year old be in cjc? I don’t know. Anyway his facebook email is like crazygeek95 I nearly burst out laughing. Okay shan’t be mean. Anyway he kept moving his shoulder and his shoulder was poking my boobs I felt so violated. I was in such agony my face said it all. And the damn banglas in front of me were talking about cause they were looking at me but in their own language. I was so disgusted cause the cjc guy kept moving his bag and the whole of his body. Dude the bus is fucking packed stop moving. And some woman’s ass was rubbing against mine. How horny but no I wasn’t aroused. Oh well. Finally it loosened up at little india mrt cause all the indians went down. This is not racist. Just saying. Anyway so I could actually stand properly without being touched everywhere. Found my stop. Reached my destination. After some struggles found the office. Hello so creepy. Anyway then the guy daoed me and talked to the other customer so I was just standing there like some awkward person and texting cordi omg cordi my life saver. Yeah then I went to sit down then cordi called yay so I wasn’t so awkward and then he came, like finally. Hung up. Told him about shit and he kept mumbling to himself I had to get him to repeat himself at least once after every sentence. Call yourself a guy. Anyway blahblah he asked me to wait for 30-40 minutes so I went down to hobo a bit. Found bubble tea. 🙂 And saw some guy that looked like alvin I was staring at him like O_O and he was kinda staring at me too but I walked away I don’t even know why. Anyway then I wanted to go back and see if it was him but I couldn’t find him. Oh well. Long time no see, bud. No, have we even met each other? Lol okay whatever. Went OG level by level and ended up at the toys place. Found Sylvanian Families and it’s so cute omg so cute. Then I was standing there for about 20 minutes watching the movie thing while texting so I don’t look like some tard but I think I did anyway. Decided to walk away after a while cause some china couple was staring at me with the weird face in my face. Ugh. Went to find if there were CDs of the show but 😦 So yeah then it was about time so I went back to simlim and when I was right downstairs they texted me and said I need to leave it there for one day. -.- Wasted my time. So yeah went up to get a receipt then they daoed me again hello I’m so annoyed. And he is so annoying cause he keeps mumbling to himself and he cannot hear me properly hello I was enunciating my every single word. You fail. Took like half an hour looking for the correct bus stop and thanks to my life saver again I found the bus stop. Some person staring at me. Waited for a million years for 170 to come. Some kid on the bus said ‘Scotland is a land full of Scotts.’ HAHAHA too cute. Cannot take it. KAP. Toilet. Bumped into some MG girl. Awkward. Went out. Saw him. Why does he get hotter every week. And why is he perpetually here. And I think he saw me. He did. He looked out and saw me then he turned again to see. Hehe. 🙂 Why never come out say hi huh. Okay. Hobo-ed at cold storage. Truly a cold storage. So cold. I was freezing to death cause I was so adventurous I decided to walk to the fridge part at the back and I nearly died. Hobo-ed more and ended up at the medicine place. Haha condoms. Okay. Then I was so awk so I was texting and then and then he appeared. Hello creepy much gave me a shock. Went on a minor awk spasm cause it was so awkward cause I kept thinking about yesterday night. Then he was just like -.- stop freaking out. Okay then he went to choose chocolate and did he even buy. So I was just waiting there and waiting and waiting. Then yay. Sat out there. Same old stuff. Talk talk talk. Then dear mg friend appeared. Awkward. But she was with her boyfriend hello I wasn’t even with mine but she would probably think that he is cause if I were her I would too. Anyway we weren’t doing anything beyond what normal friends would unlike her ahhem. Okay. Then awk awk. Blahblahblah. Talk. Walked me to the bus stop cause I wasn’t walking straight cause I was having a headache. Aww why you so nice. Crossed the bridge some more. Some bus came so I took the bus and he went to cross back the ugly bridge. My mum called me thrice. I thought I was so fucked. But then I called back and she never picked up so whatever. Came back. Apples. Hehe. Twitter. Tumblr. I shall shower soon why is this post so long. Heh. And the words all together so that you lose interest in reading. Have you? 🙂

Okay lah I go shower. I text such cute people. You are falling into my trap. Or am I falling into yours?

This is such a commercialized relationship. I don’t like. Zero attraction.

Don’t try to guess what I’m talking about, you’re never getting it right.

Fuck you 🙂

Bye. ❤


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