Not in love, not enough.

Hi I am so fucking sad now because I’m alone in the room and I’m listening to ‘About A Girl’ and it just reminds me of her and my heart is shattering into fucking pieces. The fuck I think I’m going to start crying because my life is just so pathetic I’m having a stomachache and being sad and having slight headache that I foresee will grow to kill my brain.

Woke up with a stomachache. Literally leaped out of bed because I realized I was fucking late for DC. And indeed I was. It was supposed to be from 9 to 12. I woke up at 11.45. I’m awesome like that. Must my iTunes play shit like this. All these old songs are gonna make me cry. Love drunk. Died in bed for like half an hour and got my ass up to get some food. Ate while finally emailing about rocs. Dwelling in my own sadness now. I’m so fucked if Ms Kek calls me.

Yesterday. Out with Chris. Were supposed to watch a movie but didn’t in the end. Shopped and shopped. 6 shirts, 200 bucks. I’m a cheapskate. But I truly love, like love, the zara shirts. And they were fucking 30 bucks each. Awesome deal. Bought the bershka shirt for the sake of buying cause it was my first shop and it’s one of my favourite shops so I’d have felt bad if I didn’t get anything. It’s not that nice. I don’t really like the shirt, but oh well. Stradivarius’ service is shit I swear. Zara’s fitting room is the best. Went to meet Cordi and Nat at H&M while Chris checked out the hot guy working there. Went out and went back in after Cordi and Nat left to buy her jeans. I don’t know what we did. Dinner I guess. Disgusting guy acting cute to his girlfriend. Sick. Mrt-ed back. Bus. Blah.

I feel like shit now. I shall start reading. I’m in such a crap mood. Fuck this shit. Fucking hell. Fuck your heaven and hell. Fucking shit. I need to go church this week. Damn awkward shit. Fucking world. Fuck shit. Fuck the crap. Fucking asshole.

All my heroes are dead and gone.


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