Rusty Halo.

Hi. Fucking annoyed. Ugh. I swear you are the ugliest korean I’ve ever seen and you are a disgrace to the fucking beautiful nation.

Hoboing at KAP. Exceptionally tired today. Unproductive is not strong enough to describe my progress. Woke up at 3+ and only managed to drag myself out of bed at 4+. I think I blogged about that. Left at 7+. Later than usual :/ Subway. Awkward moment when you see a hot dude and immediately spill your drink after making eye contact. So I was trying to act calm by wiping the water and ice away with my legs still crossed. Lol. Okay. My life is embarrassing. Left for KAP at 9+ cause everyone was leaving and they closed the side section already :/

No seat. Had to sit in the middle round tables which I dislike. Awkward. He came at about 11. Awkward moment when you’re talking to a guy in KAP and your schoolmates appear. So very extremely awkward. Awkward. Do not think too much. Do not. At least he wasn’t ugly, lol. Or it’d be joke of the year. Okay. Had my dose of unhealthy illegal shit for the first time in months. And he refused to help me buy. Damn. :/ “I have my principles” oh yeah? Fuck it.

Immersed in extremely awkwardness for the next 1+ hours. Until I got chased downstairs. Wanted to go cold storage but the door was locked and it was raining out there. Got the woman to open it but then she locked it back. Ugh. Had to walk in the rain back. Oh well. It wasn’t that bad, but still. Oh and when I came back I found out that someone wrote “jiayou!” on my book. So very extremely creepy. Gonna post a picture of it when I get my iPhone fixed. So very extremely creepy. But so cute at the same time. I was quite warmed up by that, but more freaked out, lol. And I’m quite pretty sure someone wrote it when I was gone because I have never touched that book in my life and today’s my first time. And no one else was really with me. So.

And there was this damn hot woman that walked in and I was totally staring at her body cause she was wearing some damn tight prom dress and her body is just so fucking hot. Even though her face is like :/ She’s quite old. Yepp. Anyway she’s still fucking hot, until she sat down, and started talking. What the fucking fuck she is like from china and she was talking so fucking loudly and she was like “我在马来西亚。。。我在马来西亚(repeated that like 10 million times)。。。我在这个马来西亚和新加坡的边界(?)这个麦当劳(?)” Fucking hell it’s Singapore okay what shit. Then she was rambling on so loudly about “Andy” and “小强” and how one of them cheated on her so fucking loudly. Then the bengs next to me were like “(insert hokkien swear word)讲酱大声你已为你的mac meh!” Hilarious shit I wanted to burst out laughing. Anyway I wanted to stone her to death you have no idea how retarded that was. How shameless. If I were a guy I would cheat on you, too! Hot body with no brain. Serve you right.

Nothing is getting into my brain. Nothing. Fucking hell. I was being so tired and all. :/

And btw, cute guy smokes. Oh man. Cute guys that smoke are such turn ons. But he was being so … uncute. Damn. 😦 But so hot. Oh god.

Okay I shall stop spazzing.

Hey peeps and stalkers how was your day? My life suck and will suck on. Can’t wait for after eoys so many people I need to go out with. So many things to do. So little money to spend. :/

“Wait for a few more years lah” I can’t fucking wait.

Suck on, life, suck on.

And you might as well quit replying cause it’s becoming so meaningless. So superficial. So fucking awkward.

Bye. Rot on. Gotta shine my rusty halo.


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