Stop stealing my heart

Greetings. This is hobo Cristina Ong blogging from McDonald’s, King Albert Park, Singapore.

Been here the whole night! Time truly flies. My head is spinning from the coffee(?). I don’t even know.

SS is drier than toasted shit. Geog. Mm. Could have been more productive if he wasn’t there. Heh. So cute. Eye contacts. Mm. Heh.

There was some woman in bikini spraying weird stuff on herself. And she wasn’t even hot hello. As in she was wearing a tank top with bikini bottom but her ass is like 1.5 the size of mine. Overflowing cellulite. I wanted to puke my filletofish out. Eww. Then she was with this half naked guy/boy. No abs. Boo. Heh siwon.

Why so many hot guys driving nice cars at drive thru. So rich don’t eat macs lah. So young. Tsk. Rich parents. Hello that kid looks my age. Why is he driving a Mercedes why am I sitting here with a Sony Ericsson phone. Unfair. How ugly is the world. 😦

And as usual the cleaners are making me so sad. 😦 Oh well.

Hung out at Cold Storage for so freaking long. How interesting. I wanted to try buying condoms. Just for the sake of seeing if the cashier would let me buy it. But I didn’t, oh well. Cause it’s always the same cashier at night and I don’t wanna not be able to go hang out there anymore for the rest of my life. Too embarrassing.

Dear scholar friend came here early in the morning. It was raining dude! She came with RYC umbrella. (Y) To study eh? Only ordered a drink. What a good kid.

I can’t get over him. Oh god.

Oh and guess who called and got his heart broken. What a fucktard. Funny.

80,000 cash!

This whole monopoly thing is hilarious. Kill trees only.

The coffee is horrible.

SS is worse.

Fuck SS yo. I think I’m just gonna go in the hall unprepared. I’ll shoot for geog instead. Much more interesting hello. And fuck math I’m gonna fail.

I shall leave once I complete my table for river management. Mmm. Or maybe some other stuff too. I shall leave when my Mac dies out 🙂 Yes, good idea. I always have such good ideas. 😉 What a genius. Yum.

Here I come.

This is DJ crisgabion – signing off.


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