Dress up as myself.

Hi. Haven’t posted for quite some time, have I?

Just back from school. Past few days had been horrendous, unproductive, I don’t know. Assembly was bullshit. Lit. Falling asleep. PE. Too tired for it. Stoning away during recess. Falling asleep during math. Blah blah. Life sucks.

Haven’t eaten for the whole entire day. My breathe stinks from not eating at all, if you get what I mean. I’m so hungry to the extent that I don’t even feel hungry anymore. I just feel like collapsing.

Bus-ed back with vic. She is too hilarious. Didn’t know what bus to take to go home so she stood there and watched busses pass by. Received a compliment that I didn’t catch. But that kinda made my day still. Today was too dead and boring.

Oh I feel like dying.


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