Heyyo. It’s 3 fucking a.m. I’m sitting on my bed with my hair wet. I don’t know what am I doing.

English EOY! I was so scared. Like the day before. But there was nothing to study. I hate where I sit. In the fucking middle. And why am I eternally stuck with her. My hatred for her is beyond infinite. Her presence alone disgusts me. Yuck. So. Paper 1. Letter was okay, but it wasn’t well written. And considering that the question is so easy I’m pretty sure the rest of the school is going to do damn well for it and that kinda means that I’m quite fucked. Compo was :(. Adventure. The moment I started to jot down my points I regretted my choice. I tried looking at the other questions again but I really did not have any idea what to write about. So I had no choice but to carry on. The points were shit. It was a shitty piece of primary school compo. Shoot me. Some people just can’t listen to instructions and play fair. Some people just keep on writing. I just don’t understand. Paper 2. Finished my compre in 30ish minutes. Had more than an hour for summary. Dozed off. Woke up. Completed it anyway. Ms Kek told me to see her after the exam. Her expression was fine. So I presumed that it was Info CIP stuff. People stayed back. Never do survey tsk. I went out. Came back to find her just to find out that I got 12 demerits and I’m going for detention to ‘clear’ my points. Interesting. I have an ‘easier’ task that requires me to come back to school on fucking marking days. Fantastic. Class. Crap. Bio. Yuck. Physics. Mrow drew on my face. Boohoo. And ate my eraser. 😦 What a dinosaur. 😦 Waited for MrHeng for a million years for past year paper. Went down. Doing tuition work at trellis. More physics. Princess finally done. Ugly world. Macs. We have an amazing head prefect. What a role model indeed. Tuition. More physics. Keep making us switch classes. 3 hours. Late for meeting. It ended 2 minutes after our entry. Slacked talked bitched slacked. Here I am. I suck in being productive.

Dry hands. Boohoo.

I’m excited for tomorrow.

I mean later okay yay bye.


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