Pretty Letdown

Hi. My body fucking hurts. My back. Ouch. It’s worse than OBS I don’t know what I fucking did. My spine feels knotted.

Today was suckishly fine. Late for school. Booked. Got chased to assembly by magsim. ‘Why you everyday late for everything ah?’ ‘It was raining!’ ‘That cannot be an excuse for you to be late for everything you know.’ My form teacher. Uhhuh. I was using the weather to my advantage okay. Assembly was lol. Horrible position. Middle of the hall. I’m going to be so distracted. And I can see so many people that are interesting to watch. As in they do funny stuff. Lit. Lost. PE. Lian angmoh face instructor dyed her hair she looks like kueh lapis. Math. Ew. Recess. Wanted to change my pullover but bloody ran out of stock. Subway cookie! In class, duh. Amath. I could prove the trigo stuff so I was happy. All the proving questions so easy. I like. EL. Chuah is so mean. I don’t care if you call this cyber-bullying or whatever shit because I am bitching about teacher online because I feel that it was undoubtedly entirely her fault and I am just narrating the most ridiculous shit I have even seen in my entire fucking life. So we were continuing with our presentations. She was finally asking us to stop engaging in irrelevant activities. But knowing the class, well you can imagine the noise level. No gave a shit. Eun Sol was presenting and she presented and Chuah asked Claris to repeat what she said. She fucking said ‘translate it to Singapore English’. Hello bitch mean much? And when she was presenting Chuah was already being quite mean. I seriously don’t fucking get her. And I just can’t get over the fact that she said shit about her not speaking properly and ‘translate to Singapore English’ was the ultimate fucking bomb. Discrimination! Where is fucking justice? Come bring this old woman away! Ugh. Occasion event time. And ‘you may only do this if the material broods to you’. What shit, seriously. SS. New teacher. She’s quite cute haha okay. So many wars.

Came back shower stoned. Informed that tuition was 5 instead of 7. And it was 4.45. So I did some shit, left at 5. The class was so fucking noisy my ears and head were going to explode. It’s like I could barely hear myself. Fucking escaped. Came back. Food. Talk. English. Bed. Yum.

I still can’t believe that English is fucking tomorrow. So much for sleeping at 10.30. 2 hours late.



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