Yo peeps. How’s your day ๐Ÿ™‚

Today was okay. Woke up. Showered. Picked up aunt for lunch. I wasn’t even done with my hair and I got scolded so I went out with fucked up hair. Quite pissed I was. Stomach was hurting so bad I kinda kept quiet the whole way there + during lunch. I don’t think dad was very happy with me for that. And my mind was totally somewhere else throughout lunch. I was watching the tv. Didn’t eat much. Before I knew it lunch was over. Went back. Came out again. Mid Valley. Spent 100+ at the pharmacy I don’t know what my mum was doing. Probably gonna open a new one on her own. Bought stuff to fill up my luggage. No plastic bag day. Awesome. So we had no plastic bag. Mum was smart enough to have stolen plastic bags for the veges. Made good use of them. Put them back and walked more. Gongcha. Ew the gongcha here is terrible. No queue. Borders. Oh how I love Borders. Love walking into the fiction corners. Love being surrounded by books that look good. Love how pretty the place is. Found the book I wanted. Was going to pay but mum needed the toilet bad so I had to stay there longer. Discovered more nice-looking books. As in they look good. Yummy stuff. But I wasn’t going to buy a lot of books because firstly, I wouldn’t be able to decide which one to read first and hence I might end up not reading any at all and secondly, my luggage doesn’t have the space. And hence I only bought two. And I actually considered buying Catherine Lim. Lol. I mean when I first saw it I was like ‘ew I hate this woman nightmare of my life’ but then I thought it would be quite cool if something I’ve read comes out for O levels. Be it English or Lit. But the books looked so disgusting I couldn’t get myself to let my mum spend money on such horrible looking stuff. And they were fucking thick. They looked disgusting. Disgusting. Yuck. And I wanted to buy a Murikami’s book but McCann > Murikami, so. And there were so many other books that looked so yummy! But it’s not like I read anyway. So. Finally left Borders. Boohoo. Went down. And she wanted to buy a coach purse. Oh please. They were so ugly I wanted to puke and die. And cause I was wearing shorts and havaianas, and mum was only carrying a small fendi they probably thought we weren’t high-class enough to buy their stuff. And partly due to the fact that my mum was looking for a small purse for casual use, like you know, market so they probably thought we couldn’t afford the bags hello look at the bags so ugly lah who would want to buy I’m surprised the company hasn’t gone bankrupt okay. Then the people working there were so rude and hello, horrible attitude. Smack you in the face. So I dragged my mum out and hello kate spade. The laptop case was so cute. But oh well I like my mbp naked. And my mum said the phone cases were nice. Hehe. And she asked me how much they would cost hoho and I thought she would buy me one but we never went back. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ More random shops. Sushi Tei. My awesome cold soba. Was craving for it earlier in the afternoon. Heh. Had some take-away for dear dad at home. More sushi. I wanted to puke. But the unagi was so good. And the salmon collagen thing. Goodness. Oh what a pun there. Oh dear look it’s 600 words already. Today just seems to be the most eventful day in my 6 days here. How saddening, too. So uh were watching some awww-so-sweet hongkong love story movie. Then my dad switched the damn channel to watch some retarded korean warshit drama. Oh please. It looked retarded. So everyone left. Packed my stuff. It’s amazing how they could fit in my luggage. Got mum to sew my shirt heh. She took so long, poor her. Almost an hour. Or maybe more, I don’t know. Then I was trying to delete stuff on my old laptop and I’m glad I did. I found so much stuff that could have gotten me into deep shit, knowing that my brother would check my documents and shit, especially photos. And there it was, my msn chat history. Thank god I discovered those instead of him. Or my life would be over. Two and a half years worth of chat history. God knows what we talked about. My life would be completely over. So I basically passed down an empty laptop. But there’s still loads more cool stuff like awesome programs I downloaded and my huge library of awesome songs. And mum came to barge. And my mbp was there. And she was clicking around. Then she open photobooth and she got a shock cause she saw herself. Lmao. How cute. Then I had to close it for her. She was trying to look for photos to look at. Oh man. Then she opened iPhoto but it showed the part without photos. Lucky me. Then I closed it. Then she asked then I was like I have no photos. Then she saw random camwhore at photobooth. Then I said that you can’t see. Then she was like why. Then I was like no. So I tried to distract her with some dumb game and being the gullible her she was just playing the game for the rest of the half an hour, with my brother. Oh how cute. Then they finally left and I can finally blog. Oh and she gave me the cashmere scarves. With the price tags. Ho. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t believe I’m not smuggling anything in. Got nothing to smuggle anyway. Didn’t get to go out to get stuff. And my arms are fucking disgusting. The rashes. I don’t know how am I going to go to school. And I heard there is zuowen and baozhangbaodao okay I’m fucked. I’m really only going to start, like literally start, on my homework tomorrow, after I reach Singapore. That’ll be at night. I’m quite fucked. I’m fucked. Chinese alone can take up up to 12 hours. Fuck you chinese. And long due English as well as soon to due English. And math. But math is fine, can copy. And much more other shit. Life is over. There, pun. Life really is over.

And I haven’t studied a single shit ever since I came back. This sucks. This sucks. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Bye. Fuck.

Okay fuck. Bye.


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