Forever Young

Hey peepsos.

Home is good. 🙂 Woke up at 12.30 for lunch. Went to see the new house. Unfairness. My brother’s room is 1.5x the size of mine. 😡 And there are so many lamps in the house I was like lolol. My mum is insane. But I have a red fan so I am cool. Ugly door. Only flaw. Came back. Stoned. Pigged. Horrible stomachache for the whole day. Had super early dinner. I couldn’t eat much. Worse stomachache. I was dying on my bed. And fell asleep for like 2 hours. Woke up. Mum dragged me to cold storage. Nearly died. She wanted to buy some dumb present for some dumb friend so I had to hang around at popular. The popular sucked. Couldn’t get myself to even get myself anything but correction tape refill. In the end I felt so fail that I bought paperclips. Yes, that’s how bad it was. Walked alone in cold storage while waiting for mum for like 15 minutes. The security guard kept staring at me. And I couldn’t tweet. I wanted to die. Took mum about a couple of thousand million years to come and find me. Bought absolute rubbish and went ‘ooh’ at high-class-looking stuff. Came back. TV. Hongkong drama. How intense.

Home = unproductive. Wanted to do lit notes and word count so far: 48. Have been spending my nights discovering new music on youtube.

Okay bye. Anticipate my next post. Might get a little bit odd.


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