This is going to be a pointless post just for me to kill time. You are warned.

I’m on the coach! On my way back to moldy Malaysia! The on-board wifi is actually working. Wow. And today is nice because the weather is nice and the bus is quite empty. Mm. First row, rich-looking couple. Second, hot dude. Third and forth empty. Fifth, me and another annoying girl. Nationality unknown. Sixth, annoying girl’s mother/aunt(s)(?) Not quite sure about the back but I think there’s another pair of Caucasian there. Father and son. Okay why am I recording this.

I was listening to blink182 and now Automatic Loveletter. Oh how I miss AL. I used to love them so much.

We dance inside this tragedy.

Their lyrics are so awesome. And Juliet Simms always make me feel so sad. 😦 She’s so good. I’m feeling so emo now haha. Legs crossed with my macbook on my lap, charging my iPhone and listening to my iPod. I feel like a traveller. Okay you need to be here. How do I describe it. Oh and I painted my nails black but it looks kinda dark purple-ish. Dark blue toenails. Skinnies. Baggy top. Ring. Watch. And my hair let down. Can you picture it. Oh and by the window. This is too romantic. Aww.

Okay let me think of more stuff to say.

I don’t know why am I blogging either. Original plan was to dig deep. Yepp. Dig in deep and sort myself out before I actually give my all for this EOYs. I’ve never put in so much effort to prepare for EOYs in my entirely before. I mean, to other people it might not be one of a big deal but to me, it’s really quite a challenge. My attention span is non-existent.

Okay so wordpress didn’t save my complete draft because I lost connection. Too bad. Another 50 words went missing.


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