Civil rights

Hello. It’s 10am and I’m stoning on my bed, fresh out from the shower.

My night was okay. Productive to a certain extent, though rather small. But for me it’s quite productive, I’d say, considering the amount of work I usually do. I mean, I usually feel accomplished for finishing one math worksheet. And now I’m typing tons of stuff. Yeah, you get the idea.

So uh, I got so hungry I was gobbling down my subway. Practically starved to death. And I was listening to Josh Wilson. There was really nothing else to listen to. I’m sick of everyone else’s voice in my iTunes. I need to discover more nice new bands. Nice new unknown bands that still sing good music. Oh and I was listening to ATL covers. And there was this guy that covered ATL and he was so good. When I clicked it I thought it would be some retarded shit of someone making a fool out of himself but heck, his voice is awesome. I got a shock and I just kept on watching his videos. He just has this super cheena face with like army guy hair. That’s why my first impression of him was like that. But hey, never judge. And I only got to hear him speak after a couple of videos and I was like wow. He’s American. And he has an American name. Dude. But his face shouts made in china. Oh well. So yeah. He even has his own songs. Like studio recorded. Coolass. And did I mention his voice is just so fucking good.

I got I Feel Like Dancin’ stuck in my head. I don’t know how.

Oh oh and I was watching random ATL videos and there was this one on Alex kissing Jack and it made me so excited. Heh. They are so cute I swear.

Okay so yeah. Spammed the TL with @_hardcoreee for like 10 minutes. Dirty piggy that didn’t shower for the whole day. Yucky ducky. Okay too many animals. I can totally hear her listening to simple plan now. How fucking loud.

Okay gonna sleep now. And wake up later and go out and come back and sleep and wake up and go school for lit oh suck and come back and do physics and pack so that I can hand up physics on Tuesday and then finally home sweet home. Goodbye hellhole, soon.

Good night 🙂


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