Today just started! Woke up at 4.45 and was too lazy to get up. Hid under the blanket for another 45 minutes. Everyone was sleeping. Hah. Pigs.

Instant noodles. Boohoo. Did random stuff. Subway came. Cookies! Omnomnom. Raspyberry and white chip macadamia. ❤ Yepp. And uhh attempted to study but fail. Loitered around, on the Internet. Looked for wallpaper. Did rubbish. Tried to do bio. 2 pages. Yepp that's all I did. Or maybe 3.

I'm amazed by how unproductive I can get. 🙂

I've been living on twitter. This is not a good sign.

And oh, I love Josh Wilson.

Okay hello productivity. Bye wordpress. See you in a couple of hours. 🙂


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