Okay so I was attempting to study and I dozed off. It was meant to be a 5 minutes nap but it became a 1 hour one.

And I had a dream.

So uh it was this weird gory dream. Gory-ish. I don’t quite remember the front part but anyway I suddenly had this huge pimple like 1cm below my left eye. And then it was getting worse. And suddenly the skin cracked, I don’t even know how, so there was this ball of white-ish thing, on my face. Yes. And it grew so big that it got so near to my eyes that they were at the verge or merging. Then there was this jelly-like thing from the pimple that covered my eye. So I couldn’t see, well, my left eye couldn’t. It was really just, odd. I could totally see chromatins oh man. It looked just like a nucleus. And I figured it was because I was flipping through bio textbook and I was looking at the diagram of eye. And I was staring at the 3D nucleus diagram too. So I guess they kinda fused. And the jelly-like substance, protoplasm. So yeah, gory much. Guess I was never meant to be a nerd. It’s a sign.

Other random parts of the dream would be uh, me wearing some insanely oversized jeans that was getting bigger and bigger. Waiting for a bus at opp six ave bus stop because I’ve been out all night, in school uniform.(?) And there were other lower sec mg girls there and I thought they were naughty too but turned out they were waiting for school bus to go to school. Okay. And there was this random part where the FRANK was forming a band. Yeah, them. Random much but yeah. So it was kinda odd cause I think someone was dragging me to their concert or something. Quite hilarious. Not to mention random people that popped out randomly.

Okay uhm odd dream. Anyway I showered so I can’t remember much details. So too bad.

Odd dream.


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