When I’m lying.

Hello babes and stalkers. Yes, I know you read.

I want a new pencil case D:

TDC! I’m so awesome. I woke up at 11.45am because some annoying person upstairs was making so much noise. Waking up to see Fabian in her uniform. And it was kinda bright. Knowing that she wasn’t gonna go late on purpose, I figured I probably fucked up. Fumbled for my phone and got a shock of my life. 11.45am. Yep. Missed the whole thing. The whole thing. I mean, I wanted to skip it but I knew I had to go ’cause I’m supposed to be on duty. Now that I fucked it up, uh. Stayed in bed for another hour until I decided that I was too hungry. Got up. Got food. Another lazy day.

So uh I’ve been awake for 4 hours now and I have yet to do anything. So much for being hardcore. And by the way did I mention that I lost my bio textbook. I’m quite mad about it. It’s like I don’t wanna get a new one but no way in hell am I gonna get a second hand book that’s just disgusting. Oh man, I don’t know. Still holding on to Tung’s book.

Okay today is so boring. I have nothing to say. Might just post again at night or something. But oh man, when will I ever start studying.

And I wrote all the teachers’ day notes for nothing. :


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