Night Drive

Hi. I’m blogging about today tomorrow. So technically it’s tomorrow but I want to blog about today.

Lit. First proper lesson in weeks. Chinese. Too much homework. I don’t only take chinese. Fuck you. Chem. Zoned out. Recess. Oh yay. English. I didn’t do my work. Whatever. Finally did the elearning work cause other people got theirs back already. Bio. Dreamland. It wasn’t intentional though. I tried.

I think I was supposed to see the counsellor but too bad, I forgot. Came back at like 3 and was entertaining myself. Watching/ listening to ATL. Whining alone. So loudly. Oh how I love whining. Well at least I whine alone, so I’m not an attention seeker. Oh dear what a nice song shuffling on iTunes. Your love is a lie. Simple Plan! Okay so, I finally got the time to listen to Dirty Works. Horrendous. I Feel Like Dancin’ is such an ironic MV. And they said it was supposed to “satirical”. Hmm. Then they might want to say the whole album is “satirical”? So they’re trying to mock the other people by fucking up their music. I do not comprehend this. Anyway it was so shitty I got so sad. They almost sound like Jonas Brothers. ATL to Jonas Brothers. I was tearing. Oh goodness. I can’t believe it either but yeah, that’s what happened. I was unusually high yesterday. Blame it on the coffee.

So uh. Tuition. I was just so tired.

Waited for the princess for like 2 hours so that we could start on our card. Ended up sleeping at like 4.30 because we took forever to think of a message/ draw the letters.

This is all I remember about today.


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