Sick little game.

Hi. I’m fucking pissed.

I know you don’t give a fuck alright. And you don’t even make the effort to pretend. Oh fuck it. How insensitive can you be. The hatred I held is back. Nothing has changed. No fucking thing. Do you think this is funny? Don’t you dare to fool with my feelings. Fucking hell. You annoy the shit out of me. How do I get you out of my life. This is way too complicated, with way too many people involved in this shit. I am fully aware of the unreliability of yours. No shit, you suck. It’s amazing how you can screw my day just like that. And I doubt that you will even know who you are, with a brain like that that you have.

Did no fucking shit today. Woke up at 1.30, brunched, worst meeting of my life. People just have to screw my day so I practically did nothing today. How I love unproductive days.

Tuition tomorrow. I really don’t wanna do my work. Fuck the hell.

I’m highly annoyed. I need my sleep. Tumblr soothed me a bit. It’s amazing how morbidity soothes me.



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