Hi. It’s Sunday. How great.

Woke up at 2.40. It was an awesome long dream but I can’t really remember the details so too bad, ain’t gonna blog about it. So uh, replied messages. Decided to be kind to others. I hope I don’t regret it. I really hope I don’t. Or my 9 days will be miserable. I’d really get mad. It’s supposed to be the best 9 days of my life.

Anyway. Did nothing productive. The only thing I did was probably solving 2 sudoku puzzles and settling ROCs cheque. I’m getting money. This is awesome. I hope dad doesn’t remember giving me an extra k at the start of the term. Please don’t. Cause I don’t even remember what happened to it.

So. I was gonna be productive and start reading through some stuff and prep myself for the intensive mugging that will come at probably mid-September. This peer pressure is insane. But my ability to concentrate is still lacking. I can barely get anything done. Not to mention that there’s extra distractions these few days. You know who you are.

Haven’t even been tweeting! Ironic how I tweet more on school days.

English was a terrible waste of time. But I liked how relaxing it was, despite myself being at the verge of freezing to death. It was north pole indeed.

Not about to post personal feelings. I don’t quite know how to put them into words. It just hurts, that’s all I can say. Ouch. You stabbed me hard indeed.

Let’s see how productive I can get.


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