Letters of Regrets.

No really, I swear I’m gonna start on Chinese the moment I finish this post.

So. I slept at 6. Thanks to dear princess that was playing dumbass rail maze game on my macbook. I woke up at about 11? I was actually quite surprised that I managed to wake up that early. Did Chinese. Gosh it was crazy difficult. By the way, 68/80. 😉 Genius. Slacked. Slacked more. Showered and got ready to meet Chris. Thought I was gonna be late so I asked her to leave later. Shouldn’t have. Ended up having to wait for her for half an hour. Oh well. Karma. So I met weird people on the mrt that freaked me out. I don’t even wanna think about it. It’s gonna haunt me tonight. Hobo-ed at the mrt for half an hour. Whatsapp kept me entertained. 🙂 Yepp. Walked so much my feet were dying. Took forever to find a place to eat. Food court. Wow. So there was where we ended up at. Crazy spicy noodles killed me. I forgot what we were talking about but I got very high. Cold Rock. Chris complained about paying 7 bucks for her ice-cream. Yepp.

Went out to the empty space. What is it even called. Anyway it was quite empty. Tourists-free. Only some weird people making out. And they just couldn’t stop. And I couldn’t stand them anymore. What a stompable photo.

Anyway, my cute tree.

Chris insisted to camwhore like an ahlian despite my violent objection. I gave in. It was such a failure because I’m not born to be an ahlian unlike somebody else.

The water makes me feel like committing suicide.

We got drunk and went crazy all the way to orchard. I don’t even remember what we did. Walk, laugh, screaming at phone running out of battery, laugh more, walk more. Ps. Whatever shop it was, it was closed. Bought princess’ dinner. Gosh I feel like a maid. Anyway, she did my amath quiz. Wait was I not supposed to reveal this? Ducky did my emath quiz. Heh. Why is the world suddenly full of nice people.

Bus-ed back. Horrible. Ran out of battery. Couldn’t even listen to songs cause I thought 99% would be able to last me till the night but apparently, it disappointed me.


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