Today. Last day of commons. I don’t know whether to be relief or not, for I know disappointment lie not far away. I suppose I should cherish my last few days of ignorance, for ignorance is bliss and bliss is good and I like being good.

Geog. I didn’t even study for it cause I’m such a failure that I couldn’t get myself to study it. And it wasn’t like I even touched Bio. So I dozed off at 4, woke up at 5.30. Blahblahblah and got to school at like 6+. Was trying to force information into my already turgid brain. Oh speaking of turgidity, I have things to show. But I wouldn’t think it’s nice to post it here so too bad. Geog. Horrible paper. KhooK pissed me off. Bio. Quite sure that I failed. Whatever. Went to sick bay with BJ. Interesting stuff. Chem. Failed it. Oh well. I got even sicker after coming back from the sick bay. Was practically crawling back to class, until we sensed Mrs Sim’s glare. Chem. Magsim. Enough said. Recess. Awkward. English. Twitter and the pedophiliac andrea foundation. Bio. Lameass argumentation thing. Xainver. Obstructive lung disease and coronary heart disease.

Out. Kim and Chris. Odd atmosphere. I was tired and it was so oddly intense I was like ._. Anyway I got my Kerrang! and TBP at super cheap price. I was like ‘THE FUCK HOW CAN YOU SELL MCR AT SUCH SHIT PRICE DUDE GIVE SOME RESPECT TO THE AWESOMEST ALBUM THEY’VE EVER HAD’ but oh well so I bought the last album. Walk walk walk. Starbucks. Savored my spiritual food. Random bitchy sec2s made me wanna laugh. It’s like try-to-be-bitchy-but-fail. Chris wanted FEP so yepp. Made our super long way there. Kino. Found like this whole humongous shelf of rock/punk magazines. Bought a rocksound. FEP. Awkward much. Chris had to go. Dinner with Kim at KFC. Sinful dinner. Awful people. Got a ride back. Nearly dozed off. Fatigue finally kicked in. Back. Blahblah. Delivered letter to the princess and we started a conversation I was like :O. Yepp. Then uhh tried to patch audi but it took about 3 hundred million years? Then when it was finally done I couldn’t get in. And I was blogging this exact same post and I fell asleep. So technically I started this post yesterday but completed it today. I don’t know.

Did I miss out epic details?

I haven’t been active for whatsapp for quite a while.


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