Hi. I’m eating Dextro. This is too cute.

I haven’t blogged for ages I’m so sorry, uh self. Today. Mm. Chem, Lit. Chem was … horrendous. All my hard work went to waste. The bulk of the marks came from mole questions and I was just like … fuck. So yeah. Couldn’t do the questions, screwed up. Whatever. I don’t think I’m gonna pass. Lit. Oddest poem I’ve ever seen, I swear. When Khook was talking crap I took a glance at it I was like fuck this shit. I saw words that I’ve never seen in my life and the questions were so odd. And I was just like reading the poem, not understanding a single thing until he said start and I was still stoning. After about 5 minutes I realized the need to start writing some shit so I just wrote crap. It was never such a torture and chore to continue bullshitting. Never. And I was stuck at my second paragraph so long that I gave up and went to the next question. It was better, but still shitty. It was just better than the first. Oh man. And then I realized I was running out of time so I went back to my first question and attempted to squeeze out bullshit but my effort was proved futile. I had 2 paragraphs of impression that were like … 5 lines long. It’s pretty much worse than my last year paragraphs. I’ve never written a paragraph that short this year. Never. Hell. I literally went nuts. Or maybe not. So uh Bio. Fell asleep. Recess. Chris. Physics. Stayed awake. Wow. Math. Bullshit. GEL. Chinese what the fuck. As usual, she dragged. BTP. Sushi. I don’t know what I did. Came back. I was being annoying I have no idea what the heck was wrong with me either.Wasted my day away. Whatever.

Random person called me. Customer service thing. Lol. She said 15 is ‘a bit young’ but ‘no problem’. Lol. Awkward much.Then the dude. He sounded so much like Ken that I nearly burst out laughing so many times. And it was so … lol. Anyway. The company doesn’t even have a proper website lol sounds like a scam. And it was too ridiculous despite his seemingly casual tone. I detect … stuff. We’ll see what happens.

Now I’m stoning here wondering if I should study or go and sleep. Mmmmm. I doubt that library trip will be productive. Should I have a midnight studying thing?

Oh and how could I have forgotten. Ling rumour. It’s fucking hilarious. I wish I could screenshot all the tweets and post it here but I’m guessing that it wouldn’t be wise for me to do that. I might get myself into trouble. Lol. Cyber-bullying. But tweets are public. Oh well. I don’t see what’s so attractive about a married old man with one-third a dozen daughters. And the thing is he’s not even especially physically attractive or charming. And not one but three, three people in love. Is this black magic or something. Or is a girls’ school environment just depriving people way too badly?

Okay the dude is way too weird. Way too weird. Way too weird. ‘Do yourself a favour- Study hard girl’. What. I know I need to. Oh gosh geog. Thanks for the reminder but that was really kinda well, odd. I assume that you’re trying to salvage this loserly flaw that I’ve detected.

Anyway. I shall study geog. It’s not that I don’t like to study it it’s like I don’t wanna ever get started. Every beginning is hard. Yes Cristina, conquer it. Victory will be yours, now and forever.

That sounded like a prayer. Okay scratch that.

Victory will follow as you take that first step.

If that even makes sense.

Whatever. Bye.


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