Haven’t blogged for so long. Whatever happened to the ‘must-blog-everyday’ policy. Oh well.

Woke up super late today. Like super late. 8.45am. Yepp. And I thought it was a weekend but oops nope it’s Tuesday. Bounced up, sat there and contemplated if I should just skip school. Then I remembered that there would be a Lit test. So too bad. Washed up. Ate. Decided that I should barge class during recess so that it wouldn’t be so awkward.

Missed the entire PI and English. Copied Amath. Printed Lit. Stressed out. Math. Boring shit. Lit. Intense. Physics. Dead. Rushed back. Lunched. Crammed some Chem. Went for tuition. 5-10 minutes late. So much for ‘coming slightly earlier today’. Oh well. He helped me with my weird AA thing. 🙂 Class. What a bunch of weirdos but oh well. Hah.

Sat at there bus stop to wait for peak hour to end. Mugging Chem at the bus stop while the foreign workers were staring at me. 8.03. Got up to hail a cab. All the cabs disappeared after peak hour. Managed to get the nice cab heh. Stoned. Whatsapped. Got down. Bought shit. Walked back.

Stoned. Stoned. Stoned.

Gave up on Chem. Just gonna fail. I’m so fucked.

Kay bye.


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