Punch drunk!


Founder’s Day full dress.

Slacked through the morning. Rehearsing where to walk to lmao. Magsim was fail enough to bring us to the wrong gallery. Oh well. Bio. Was at 3G. I was about to run away for recess then I walked past 3I and I heard MrsLiow talking I was like wtf. So yeah. And then I decided to sneak back but fail she saw me. Oh well. Blahblah. Recess. Chiong like mad. Physics. Boring shit. Math. Pop quiz. 6/10. Sigh. GEL. Random dude giving a … unsermon-like speech thing. Don’t even know what it was for. Was laughing away with BJ and ended up getting stared at by MsKek at the end of the thing. 😐 Arts appreciation briefing. Meh I don’t know what to wear.

Info! Running like insane trying to get things done. Was trying to settle log but dear friends took a million years to come back. And hence other dear friends couldn’t set up the stations and dear me couldn’t let the groups go off so I had to stall time by asking them to group up and talk and I had to give some girl my sweets lol cause I had to give gifts. Oh well. Sec3s didn’t sew their crap. So we couldn’t give. Anyway so yeah MrsLoh was so pissed at me I was like ._. shitfuckcrapfuckfuckfuck. Then I had to call Kim and I had to use my phone in the lab it was awkward shit. It’s like breaking school rules in front of the whole info and teachers. MrsLoh didn’t really say anything ELee ignored me. Then I had to make them just go cause MrsLoh was gonna bomb me. Cause we were like 15 min behind time so yeah. Had to somehow let them go and had to run all the way to the canteen to find the people and give them stuff and run back to basketball court to hold the group. It was insane I haven’t been running that much. Screamed at people to make them go back to their stations. Oops. Yepp. Finally got to rest for a while after the first group left. MrsLoh was sitting there watching us while me and Chris bitched about her and swearing our asses off. I doubt that she heard us. But I’m not quite sure about it. :/ Blahblahblah ran up and down and did crap and chased people here and there. Finally ended. Went to slack at the playground talked cock did shit. KAP-ed. Okay now I know that large coke is fucking humongous. Bitched about ahhem. Blahblahblah.

Came back. The moment I opened the door I felt like puking it smelt of rotten oranges and I went to put down my bag and I literally walked into a fucking swarm of fucking bugs. I got so pissed I went to clean what Fabian was supposed to clean, by basically drowning the whole cubicle with bleach and scrubbed a bit and rinsed it off. I drained like half a bottle of bleach in that small little cubicle, with door closed. I nearly died in there smelling chlorine. I couldn’t even breathe properly I had to quickly get done washing and come out for fresh air. Then my lungs were hurting like fucking insane I thought I was gonna die. And that screwed my mood up even more. Then I got so fucking OCD I started washing everything and make the whole room looks nice and clean and shit. So yeah. Spent and hour doing shit that is totally not fucking appreciated. OCD sucks shit. Sat down and tumblred and tweeted to vent my anger and somehow I came across this post on punchdrunk and then I was like o.o then I went to google it and started reading it. For like 4 hours? Yeah. So I just sat on the floor for 4 hours reading it. And spazzing on my own cause the whole thing is like full of homosexuality stuff. There are like 3 gay couples in there. Or probably more. And the ending is so anticlimatic I don’t even get it. Waste my time lah. It just ended with everyone having a gay partner. What crap man.

So yeah. Gonna finally shower soon. I feel like shit haha. But my bun is so tight today heh. Okay bye. 🙂

And I can’t stand youknowwho.


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