Hello. Today.

I’ve been having such interesting dreams that I become reluctant to get out of my bed in the morning.

Anyway. School was okay. Random racial harmony shit. Chinese. Hell. Chem. I recall nothing. Recess. Jo! English. Fantabulous. I failed. 17/50. Bio. Was doing lit. And I finally finished lit after like … I don’t know, 2 weeks?

KAP. Tired much. Kim’s place. Obscene show. Came back. Oh gosh my life is so boring.

Anyway I was expecting parcels but there isn’t any. 😦 I want my stuff.

Gotta help racheltay transfer money for some ugly shoes tomorrow.

And I was supposed to send something to someone. I can’t remember who though.

Oh well.


I’m sorry this is so dry. My life is just uninteresting.


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