RYC. Woke up at 8.06. Freaked out.

Got to school at nearly 9. Sat at the back and managed to reach before the video ended. Tangled. Got so tangled couldn’t get out. Retangled. Took less than a minute to untangle ourselves. Some people were just trying to hold certain people’s hands,

Fort canning. I was so pissy on the way there. So much to walk. Blahblah. Weird finding games at the gate and some skit thing we did. Lunched at PS. KFC. Had Starbucks. It was okay. CSM. Figured out who the ugly guy was. Lmao. Blahblah looked for weird stuff. Spent forever there we didn’t have time for the last station and we went back.

Sculpture. Eye. Couldn’t be bothered to move myself to help making the actual eye so I contributed brain cells. Came up with the script with help of others. Someone insisted to read it even though someone else obviously could read better. Oh well. Performed blahblah. The can kept falling off.

Threw the sculpture away. Hall. Found out we were shortlisted for the sculpture thing. Ran down like a crazy woman to retrieve the ball from the dustbin. Had to pick up trash to stick onto it. It was insanity. Ran up. Performed. I heard it was retarded. Oh well.

A lot of phototaking and note-writings. Dinner. More photo-takings and note-writings. Entertained, in many ways, by the performances. More photo-takings. Crazy signing on t-shirts. Left.

Came back stoned blahblah showered.

Too tired to type. So much juicy gossips.




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