Woke up at like 5 and sat up and I was so tired I fell asleep. Woke up again and 5.30 and the same thing happened. So I woke up at 6.00 and blahblahblah. Then Fab woke up and went ‘shit’ and said she didn’t even do her geog. Fail. Chinese. Listening compre. I got so bored. 80 min worth of Chinese. English. Lab. BBC Learning English website. Retarded shit. Bio. Were talking about some stomatal stuff. Like how it closes up. Something about photosynthesis. I was lost. So Edlyn was just arguing with Charmaine. Mehh. Recess. Were supposed to go to the railway and have Physics on the next PE lesson instead but it rained. 😦 People were so disappointed. I was okay. I was quite surprised at how nice KhooK was. Haha. Physics. Mr Heng made me feel so bad. Why is it my fault that I just suck in Physics. Math. Wasn’t listening. Can’t stand her. Dismissed.

Sat at the concourse for forever waiting to take attendance. Were looking at people’s uniforms and laughing away at random stuff. After like sitting for an hour we got to go in. No seat. Had to sit at the back. The talks were so dry and I couldn’t even understand anything more than 30% of what they said so I was just being bored and tweeting and being hungry and stoning around. Tea reception. No food. Fail much. Got into groups. Uhh. Terra2. It was okay. I wasn’t exactly happy though. Some people are just so queer and some people just had the ability to make me dislike them within an hour! How amazing. Not looking forward to tomorrow. I feel disgusted. Oh well. It ended and I was so happy.

Got a lift back. But waited super long for the lift. And oh Suman gave me a gift! So sweet.


Anyway, waited for super long at the concourse. And it was so dark. Odd conversation with Shelby Jermaine Cordi. Stoned around after Shelby and Jermaine left. Talked rubbish with Cordi. Blah. Waited. Impatient me. And finally he came.

Brief rant about RYC. Silence. So I decided to struck a conversation. Told him about 40 days fast thing and he didn’t even know about it. Aiyo. And he thought I was on diet when I said I was fasting from rice. Lol. He was trying to tell me that he’s quite highly educated hahaha. Anglican high. Interesting. Had to truncate the conversation cause we arrived. Mehh. Told him to go church. I doubt he will but he better go haha.

Came back. Stoned around. Ate. Ah food. Talked on phone. Did random stuff. Not excited for tomorrow. Showered. Yepp.

Not excited for tomorrow. Not excited for tomorrow. Not excited for tomorrow. Not excited for tomorrow. Not excited for tomorrow. Not excited for tomorrow. Not excited for tomorrow. Not excited for tomorrow. Not excited for tomorrow. Not excited for tomorrow. Not excited for tomorrow.


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