The smallest things made my day. The nicer than usual Subway person.

Today! Thursday! Mount. Carmel people came. Assembly was lame. Someone kept farting omg. I was like dying during assembly. It wasn’t once. It was like so many freaking times I was nearly smothered to death. Went to welcome them at the concourse. Brought Suman, if that’s how you spell her name, to lit. Lit was retarded I don’t even know what happened. PE. Swapped back our partners. Hot as shit and I didn’t bring my PE attire. And we didn’t get to go walk at the railway track! 😦 Biased. SBC got to go. They get everything. Even things like this. This is terrible. Math. Lab. Neepu got bored. Recess. Dragged Neepu down despite her rejecting my offer for like a million times. With Shelb Jessica Bella and their buddies and mine and Gladdeh. Okay I’m getting too detailed. Amath. Lab. Neepu was sleeping. Uh okay. I’m so sorry for boring you. 😦 English. Sent her down for her lunch. SS was pure copying and criticizing how lousy she is as a teacher with Charmaine.

After school. Chaos at the concourse with people trying to do literally last minute planning. Took the bus with Reenah and Natteh and other people. Was trying to plan on the bus but in the end we didn’t even stick to our plan. Ion. Had my bubble tea. Walked around. Rissa’s buddy whose name I still have yet to figure out bought like tank tops. Then we walked around it was awkward and then we decided to go Botanic Gardens cause Neepu wanted to look for souvenirs for her friends. Went to the exhibition. It was fine. I was too lazy to read all the stuff. The toilet was cool. Oh man I should have taken a picture. Oh well. Blahblahblah. Took so many pictures. Saw so many brides. We were gonna walk all the way to Jacob Ballas Garden but mission failed. In the end we at Burkill and walked all the way back to where we came from. Rissaho was being a loser and hence she ditched me as well as her buddy to go home to do geog. Took forever for the bus to come. Stood on the bus for about two hundred million lightyears. My toes were detaching from my feet and my feet were detaching from my calves and my calves were detaching from my thighs and my thighs were dropping off from my pelvis and my pelvis was falling apart and my upper body was just gonna rot on its own. Anyway. Took forever for us to get back to Salvation Army. People were smart enough to not tell me that Praisehaven was IN Salvation Army. So yeah. Reached at 7+, left them there and left with XinRun and friend. Was rotting at the bus stop cause the bus never came. And when it finally came I just stoned there and then I decided to get myself dinner. And I thought I would just get him to come pick my up at BTP but he didn’t call me so I didn’t dare to call him. So yeah. Walked all the way back to BTP from the bus stop and bought my Subway and I was hesitating if I should call him but then I decided to take a bus back. While I was dragging my dying self to the bus stop he called. Just slightly too late, you know. He could’ve been my life saver. Oh well. Picked me up at the bus stop. Talked about how lame Botanics was. And he told me he used to be a Christian! I was like wow. Then something happened and it was a ‘long story’ and it was a short trip so I didn’t get to hear it. Aw man. 😦

Came back. Collected my parcels. Stoned on the floor eating and opening parcels. The cardigan looks horrendous. Oh well. The bag’s quality is quite bad but I’m kinda fine with it. Yepp. Called mum. He is definitely one efficient driver man. My mum knew about him sending me back already. Showered and here I am again.

This is such a long post heh.

Oh and I transferred more money. Heh.

Okay bye.


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