Okay hi. Couldn’t blog yesterday and today my broadband screwed up so I wasn’t gonna blog, until I saw my emails.

So uh the day was fine. Chapel is boring crap. I remember nothing about the day. Oral. Freaked out before that. But I think I did quite fine. I didn’t even get to finish saying what I wanted to say and they asked me to get out. I’m assuming that that’s a good sign.

Went to meet Chris at KAP then BTP. Blahblah. Two SA dudes were eavesdropping and they were being so obvious. Acting skills fail.

Did lit PowerPoint. Couldn’t connect. Spent an hour being mad at the broadband. On-ed my vaio and it worked perfectly fine. Screw you, MBP.

Okay so I was gonna sleep but then I got really high for no particular reason and so yeah I was like playing with my phone trying to find nice songs to listen to. And then, I got like emails from tumblr. Some person sent me an ask and it was like ‘Hi Cristina’. Sounds so much like Andrea lol. And then I got another email about ask again so I thought it was a repetition but then I opened it and I was totally ._.

It was one long post. Couldn’t really figure out who it was but I was kinda … I don’t know. I was more freaked out than touched even though I think the latter is the desired outcome. And then I re-read the thing and tried to figure out who it could be but uhh … Attempt proved futile. But it was such a long post I swear. I’ve never gotten such a long ask in my entire life. Now my thoughts are so confused now. I feel like my life is being dissected. Maybe it wasn’t even a wise thing to make my blog known at the first place. I don’t know. It’s just pretty much my thoughts and how I feel about my life at that certain point of time. Okay I don’t know what am I talking about.

Gotta sleep. Will see what to do with it tomorrow.


Hi stalker.


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