Today sucks.

So I didn’t even finish lit. Oh well. PE. Finished the movie. It was so awww. Not looking forward to next week. Math. Torture. Amath. Torture. English. Presentation. Chuah gave me 5/10 for my powerpoint. Go fuck yourself. What is your standard of good powerpoint. We got like 17/30 in the end. Seriously. SS. Retarded.

English Commons. Screwed up. Fell asleep cause I was so tired. Didn’t even read the second passage. Blanked 5 at least 5 questions. Summary was fucked up. Word count was totally off. Too sleepy to count. I suck in this. I fall asleep in every single English common test that is after school. Bad timing. Not even my fault.

Came back. Spent the day being all emo and shit. Ate. Tumblr for a million years. Gonna shower now. And sleep. Not gonna do a single thing. God this is bad.

I really think that the medication is driving me insane. I’ve gotta take it off soon. Maybe 2 more months. I hope I’ll still be alive by then.



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