8.36pm and I’m sleepy as hell. Just finished English powerpoint. I’m so proud of it. Not like it’s perfect and flawless or whatever but somehow I’m just really proud that I finally finished something on time.

Oh man my iTunes is playing Never Too Late – Hedley. Makes me wanna cry.

‘Get up and start all over again.’

I wish I could.

So uh today was fine I guess. I woke up at like 6. Got to school at about 7. Sweating like insane. Chapel. Made me feel terrible about myself. Geog. Retarded. English. Slept. Recess. Jo! Same weird her. Ran up for I don’t even know what reason. 80 minutes of math. It was hell I swear. It was so hot I was feeling so sticky I wasn’t even listening. Oh well. I hope I find time to figure it out soon. Math due tomorrow. Sucks. Not gonna do it. Lit. Sex. Social escorts are so well paid. Physics. Didn’t even need to record results. Dumb enough.

Terrible mood. Terribly tired. KAP with MsStMargs. Awk. Slacked.

I lied.

I’m feeling terribly terrible. And I’m pretty sure that my dad figured it out but he just didn’t want to say anything. That is making me feel worse. I haven’t lied in such a long time. I’m a liar.

Came back. Managed to hit my target of sitting down at 7.30pm. Like on the spot. Did English. Now I’m waiting for it to load. Uploading it to LMS so that dear groupmates can see it. It’s so slow. I want to sleep, man.

I’m getting overly emotional lately. I suspected that it’s my medication’s side effect. Googled. Apparently it reduces the formation of new brain cells. I’m going to become a retard.

Warnings were also put in place by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because of the large number of reported psychiatric disorders in those exposed to it. According to the FDA, between 1982 and 2000, there were 394 reported cases of depression and 37 suicides of people who were taking, or had taken it. Thirteen of these suicides occurred within three months after the patient had stopped using the medication.

This sounds scary. Haha. Okay I’m not gonna post the scarier part of the article.

For goodness sake, the stupid file is still loading. WHAT IS THIS.

I’m not a patient person.

Not excited about tomorrow. PE. I wanna watch the movie.

I’m so lethargic.

I’m considering copy pasting selectively on wordpress. Tumblr shall be my priority.


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